Vega Sport Energy Bites Coconut Cashew Butter 160 g

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Vega Sport Energy Bites, the newest addition to the Vega Sport family, are designed to help get you fired up (not weighed down) for your next workout. Whether you 're training first thing in the morning or getting after it after work, this is your bite-sized secret weapon.

Vega Sport Energy Bites have one purpose: to help fuel your workout (whether it 's high-intensity or a longer endurance session) with real food. Instead of relying on added sugar, we use carbohydrates and fat as our energy source in Vega Sport Energy Bites, just like your body does during a workout.

Vega Sport Energy Bites are purposefully formulated with real, plant-based food ingredients. We 've chosen quick-acting carbs from dates, good fats from cashew butter, MCT oil from coconut, and more all to help fuel you.

Sometimes, you just want a quick bite before you work out without being weighed down. One serving of Vega Sport Energy Bites is two bite-sized pieces, meant to help give you quick energy and tide you over during your workout. Find them in a gym-bag-ready, no-mess resealable bag.


  • Bite-sized fuel to help power your workout (without weighing you down)
  • Purposefully formulated with real food ingredients
  • 2g MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil from coconut
  • New to MCT oil? Try one bite and build to a serving from there. We recommend that you don 't exceed two bites (one serving)
  • 21g simple and complex carbohydrates from premium sources, like dates and oats
  • Gym-bag-ready resealable packet, easy to take with you on-the-go
  • 0g added sugar*
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

Grab two bites per serving, before a workout or any time you need a snack.

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