Traumacare Drops

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Traumacare Drops 30ml


Formulated to relieve muscle and joint pain, inflammation and bruising associated with injuries such as sprains and contrusions.



    • Homeopathic
    • Relieves muscle and joint pain


Suggested use: Take drops in a small amount of water 3 times daily.



Aconitum napellus 3X, Arnica montana 2X, Belladonna 4X, Bellis perennis 2X, Calendula officinalis 2X, Chamomilla 3X, Echinacea 2X, Echinacea purpurea 2X, Hamamelis virginiana 2X, Hepar sulphuris calcareum 8X, Hypericum perforatum 2X, Mercurius solubilis 8X, Millefolium 3X, Symphytum officinale 8X. Non medicinal ingredients: Alcohol 13%, purified water.
Take drops in a small glass of water 3 times daily.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Gauthier
Safe and effective

I love this product, it is the first thing we reach for when needing quick pain relief. It is such a gentle product, we are also using it for our very senior small dog for arthritis pain and other general aches and pains.

Renee Weber

Traumacare Drops

Gurpreet Bharj
Fast pain relief

Traumacare drops worked excellent for my inflamed and bruised. For the first 2 days, I took 10 drops every 2 hours and the inflammation reduced to a great extent and after that the normal dose as required. Great formulation, highly recommended.