Sisu Magnesium 250 Relaxation Raspberry Lemonade

by Sisu
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Sisu Magnesium 250 Relaxation Blend



Finding a moment for true relaxation can play a major role in creating life balance. While exercise, a proper diet, and meditation can help minimize anxiety levels, certain key supplements like magnesium should not be overlooked in any daily self-care routine. This important mineral not only protects your heart and arteries, it also works to naturally calm your muscular and nervous systems.

Sisu Magnesium Relaxation Blend is a great-tasting powder that mixes easily in water and works quickly, providing both magnesium bisglycinate and citrate to temporarily promote relaxation. This blend also provides the restorative qualities of GABA and L-Theanine, which have been shown in studies to safely and gently alleviate the adverse effects of stress such as anxiety, restlessness and insomnia.


  • Temporarily promotes relaxation and helps ease some of the negative effects
    of stress
  • Safe, non-sedating, non-habit-forming formula
  • Each scoop contains 250 mg of elemental magnesium in the highly bioavailable bisglycinate and citrate forms
  • GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) has been shown to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and minimize the adverse effects of stress on immune function
  • L-Theanine supplementation may decrease both anxiety and depression, improve sleep quality, and boost cognitive function
  • Available in great-tasting, raspberry lemonade flavour, lightly sweetened with stevia and non-GMO fructose
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients, free of gluten, and suitable for a vegan diet


Adults: Take 1 level scoop per day. Mix product in 250 ml of water or to taste.

Medical Ingredients

  • (magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium citrate)
  • 250 mg
  • 75 mg
  • (gamma aminobutyric acid)

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Customer Reviews

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Melanie Hunt
Raspberry Lemonade Magnesium

I take magnesium to help with Restless Leg Syndrome and this has become a product I cannot live (or rather, sleep) without. I take it just before bed and it helps tremendously to calm my mind and relax me. I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, but wake up with no grogginess and feeling well rested. The fact that it tastes super yummy is an awesome bonus!

Lynne Letterio

Sisu Magnesium 250 Relaxation Raspberry Lemonade

Beverly F
Magnesium supplement +++

This is my favourite product, it relaxes me when I am anxious and helps with muscle pain and aches.

Erin VonderMuhll
Sisu relaxation

This has helped a lot with restless legs and trouble getting to sleep. It tastes great too. Will be buying more!

Craig MacFadyen
It works!

I have issues with restless legs at night. My friend told me about this product and i havnt had issues in 3 weeks. I will be buying more!