PVL Essentials Plant-Pro Plant-Based Complete Protein Shake Mix - Vanilla (840 g)

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Both on and off the field, a daily challenge that many of us can face is getting quality protein on-the-go. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or simply trying to get more plant-based food into your diet, look no further than all-new PVL PLANT-PRO — a fermented and sprouted, complete plant protein powder, containing 100% all-natural non-GMO vegan proteins.

PLANT-PRO is a great tasting, amino-balanced protein, fortified with key enzymes such as Phytase for easy digestion. PLANT-PRO is the first product of its kind to include Phytase, which helps digestion issues encountered with many plant proteins, allowing you to continue to perform at your very best.


  • A blend of four plant-based proteins
  • 25g of silky smooth, complete protein per scoop
  • Four added plant-based enzymes
  • NO added carbs or sugars
  • Helps repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue
  • Banned-Substance tested - Informed-Choice certified

Add 250 ml (~8 fl oz) of cold water first to a shaker cup, then add 1 serving of powder. Shake for 15-20 seconds and enjoy.

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Customer Reviews

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Isabella R.
PVL Plant-Pro Vanilla

Absolutely love it! I have a malabsorption disorder and have been searching for a dairy free protein drink that doesn't also cause me digestive upset . The Plant Pro does the trick. It is both tasty and helps me get the protein my body has difficulty absorbing.

Elle Donnelly
Way to sweet

I liked the list of ingredients in this product, but the Vanilla flavour was way, way too sweet for me. I tried it in multiple different smoothie combinations and I couldn't stomach it. If you're wanting a protein powder to drink straight up, this one is okay since the sweetness helps here. But if you're like me and enjoy putting your protein powder in smoothies etc then this one was not great.

Pat Vav
I like it!

It tastes great. Better than my other shakes.
I like that it's fermented. Good for the gut.