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Organika memory is a high-quality natural product made from organic, wild cultivated, locally grown Lion's Mane mushrooms. Known as a nootropic, Lion's Mane is about to become your best study buddy. It plays a vital role in the metabolic process of neurotransmitters, which are the brain's messengers. It boosts blood circulation, which helps you think quicker and remember better. The Lion's Mane also contains powerful antioxidants that protect the brain against free radicals. Lion's mane mushroom is a type of medicinal mushroom that has been proven to have many beneficial effects on the body. One of the most notable benefits is how it helps the body adjust to stress by changing brain chemistry. For this reason, Lion's mane mushrooms are sometimes called "the king of mushrooms."

About Organika company:

Organika is a supplement company that offers all-natural ingredients like grass-fed whey protein, for example. The company has recently expanded to provide many personal care items in addition to supplements. They also offer information on what you should look for in choosing healthy supplements. The company has researched their supplement line and knows what ingredients are safe to be included in the product they make because of their quality standards. They follow the guidelines provided by the Food and Drug Administration as well as other agencies so that they can be assured of what they are putting into their products.

Benefits of Organika Memory Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder:

  • 100% organic lion's mane mushroom powder
  • Helps the body to adjust to stress
  • Boosts memory, focus, and mood
  • Goes great with coffee, smoothie, broths
  • Grown with love in Washington, USA

What is a Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Mycelium is the root of fungus. It's found in soils all around us but can also be grown on plant matter or even cotton wool, so it can populate indoors too. Fungi are primarily social, living as a colony. The mycelium of a mushroom is similar to that of a colony. A mycelium runs along the ground and forms a network, spreading out to colonize new territory. Lion's mane mushrooms are the second most expensive edible mushroom globally and for a good reason. These large mushrooms contain medicinal compounds that supposedly help keep our bodies from going into overdrive when under stress. These compounds have been shown to shrink neurons of the amygdala, which can make people more resilient to stressors.

How Does It Work? 

In stressful situations, our body's "fight or flight" response causes a variety of changes in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as adrenaline release and hormone production. These changes can be life-saving, but they also affect cognitive function and memory. The medicinal effects include:

  • Relieving aches and pains.
  • Fighting free radicals.
  • Fighting bacterial infections as well as fighting stress.

The medicinal effects of lion's mane (Hericium Erinaceus) mushrooms include:

  1. Relaxation and calming effect 
  2. Encourages deep sleep and dreaming 
  3. Anti-aging, increasing life span and life quality for those who consume it regularly 
  4. Encourages digestion and makes digestion easier (decreases stomach acid) 
  5. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression 

How Lion's mane mushroom encourages deep sleep and dreaming?

Lion's Mane Mushroom is a type of mushroom that has been used to improve the quality of dreams. The mushroom has a variety of cognitive benefits that can promote deep sleep and dream. Lion's mane mushrooms contain various types of beta-glucans, which are polysaccharides with immune system boosting properties.

Lion's Mane Mushroom has been known in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is often referred to as "yamabushitake," which translates to "mountain mushroom" or, in English, "Mountain mushroom of 10,000 years." Yamabushitake is an edible mushroom that grows in cold climates. It can be found in Japan, northern China, Korea, Russia and Canada. The Japanese have been eating this mushroom for thousands of years.

Lion's Mane has been used for disease prevention and treatment by Chinese medicine practitioners since the Han Dynasty (221BC-206AD); however, most current research has been conducted after 2000. It has been investigated for its ability to improve cognitive functions, stimulate the immune system and alter sleep quality.

In ancient times in China, people have been consuming Lion's Mane as a medicinal mushroom. The mushroom was supposed to have been discovered in the early Han Dynasty by Huang Di, the legendary founder of the Chinese dynasties. Huang Di is said to have discovered Lion's Mane during a mountain expedition with his army. The doctor of the army, Hua Tuo, found the mushroom growing on the side of a cliff. According to legend, Hua Tuo gathered some Lion's Mane and cooked it for Huang while he was sick. The Emperor loved the taste of Lion's Mane and decided to eat it for all his meals. This is how Lion's Mane became part of Chinese culture.

In Chinese medicine, Lion's Mane is used as a tonic that can strengthen one's immune system and function as an adaptogen. It is also used to treat gastrointestinal problems, liver disorders, asthma and anti-ageing. Lion's Mane mushroom is recommended for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, fatigue or stress. It can also be used to promote longevity. However, this mushroom has many powerful properties that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.


Lion's mane mushroom mycelium and fruiting body. Cultured on organic brown rice. 100% Organic. They are grown in the USA.

Suggested use:

Add levelled teaspoon (1.5 g) to your coffee, broth, or favourite warm drink. You can also mix it into plain yogurt, smoothie, or your favourite juice. For best results, use in the morning and evening after meals.

Other uses: Add to baked goods (e.g., bread), sauces, dressings, or soups.


Excessive consumption may cause nausea and diarrhea. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a healthcare practitioner before use.

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