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Every day, new information emerges supporting the connection between living a long, healthy life and the lifestyle choices we make. And eating well is the foundation of healthy living. However, a growing field of research suggests that some of the parts of our diet that we cannot digest prebiotics, like MSPrebiotic and certain dietary fibres, could be almost as important as the foods that are digested. This is because some non-digestible parts of our diet can determine the composition of microbes in our gut also known as the microbiome - and this impacts our health.

MSPrebiotic is a Resistant Starch Prebiotic naturally extracted from potatoes and is the only resistant starch prebiotic processed and packaged in Canada. This single-ingredient flavourless powder contains 7g of insoluble fiber per 10g scoop and can be easily mixed into water, shake or smoothie. MSPrebiotic works quickly to improves digestion and supports regularity. It is clinically proven to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria while reducing pathogens and increases energy (butyrate). Feed your own strains of good bacteria which is key! MSPrebiotic is Non GMO Project Certified, Certified Gluten Free, Glyphosate Residue Free, FODMAP Friendly, Vegan, Ketogenic Friendly and Nightshade Safe.


  • Regulate blood glucose levels
  • Provide short chain fatty acids, an important glucose-independent source of energy.
  • Promote regularity.

Medicinal Ingredients: Each 10 g serving contains:
Solanum tuberosum extract 10 g

You can add MSPrebiotic to any cold or room-temperature beverage, including juice, water, smoothies, or shakes. Please note, MSPrebiotic loses effectiveness when heated to 60°C or above, and is not suitable for the addition to hot beverages.

MSPrebiotic will not dissolve in liquids but can be stirred into water or juice and consumed immediately afterwards. For best results, we recommend a ratio of 10g MSPrebiotic to 80mL of liquid, followed by another 40mL of liquid alone. Adding MSPrebiotic to a shake or smoothie prevents settling, meaning that these supplemented beverages can be consumed at your convenience.

Like all prebiotics, MSPrebiotic feeds healthy bacteria in your colon. Rapid introduction of large amounts of prebiotics to your diet can be associated with bloating, gas, and discomfort. We therefore recommend that you introduce MSPrebiotic to your diet gradually, starting first with the beginner dose (1 teaspoon; line indicated on enclosed scoop) daily for one week. You can then take a full scoop (1 Tablespoon) daily during the second week or simply move up to a two-teaspoon dose. Depending upon the desired effect, you may continue to gradually increase your daily dose of MSPrebiotic . Supplementing with more than 30g of MSPrebiotic is not recommended.

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Craig Johnson

Well I hope I’m getting something from taking it daily but I haven’t noticed anything so I can’t really give it a rating yet

Liliana Sarbakhteh

Its a wonderful product
Thank you