Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Essence (60 VCaps)

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Mikei Red Reishi

The Japan Reishi Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom is an edible mushroom that has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. This mushroom (also known as the Lingzhi) is one of the most powerful adaptogens available on the market, which is why it has become so popular in recent years.  

Japan Reishi Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom is 100% natural, with no preservatives, colouring or additives added. It is grown outdoors in nature on hardwood logs, aged 3-5 years. Red Reishi Mushrooms are grown in Japan without any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides being used during cultivation. This product helps to maintain the integrity of the immune-modulating substances. Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom is the highest quality Red Reishi Mushroom on the market.

Benefits of Japan Reishi Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom:

  • Immune system support
  • Stress reduction
  • Anti-ageing, anti-oxidant
  • Support liver health
  • Modulated energy
  • Cardiovascular health 
  • Product of Japan

Immune system support

Herbs have been a powerful ally for millennia. One such herb is the Reishi Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum). It has been well researched and documented to be an immune system supporter, Lyme Disease and even HIV.

The mushroom contains a variety of anti-oxidants like beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a powerful anti-oxidant that can help support the immune system. Anti-oxidants are important because they fight free radicals—the more free radicals in your body, the lower your immune system.

Reishi have been found to promote apoptosis or programmed cell death. Reishi contains polysaccharides, which are carbohydrates that act as anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants can help prevent the mutations of cells.

Stress reduction

In the Japanese culture, this mushroom has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of conditions, including depression and anxiety. It is a powerful type of medicinal mushroom that reduces stress and increases blood flow to the brain. It has improved cognitive function and memory formation in young adults who took it for four months. A study in mice has shown that it also suppresses inflammation in the brain, associated with cognitive decline.

Stress can result in emotional and physical symptoms, including heart disease, obesity, panic attacks, high blood pressure, and headaches.

Anti-ageing, anti-oxidant

Japan Reishi Mikei is a type of Reishi Mushroom that has been developed to help to prevent and improve the function of the body's cells. It aims to help prevent osteoporosis, ageing-related diseases, and disorders caused by oxidation in the human body.

Japan Reishi Mikei is currently being researched for its potential to slow the development of the ageing process. In this study, researchers from Hiroshima University in Japan found that Japan Reishi Mikei helps to reduce oxygen radicals in the blood. These radicals are the same compounds responsible for ageing and oxidative stress in the body.

Many different factors cause ageing. However, the root of it all is oxidative stress. If the body cannot produce enough anti-oxidants to prevent oxidation, or if too many free radicals form, then oxidative stress will occur. 

Liver health

Japan Red Reishi mushroom is specifically formulated to support liver health. It contains more than 60 kinds of dietary supplements, including more than 30 kinds of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. The composition is perfect for those people who want to preserve their health and not suffer from fatigue or other disorders caused by damage to liver function.

Red Reishi mushroom contains an enzyme called beta-D-glucan, which increases blood flow in the body. It can help regulate gastric activity and promote digestion in the stomach. It also keeps the body warm in cold conditions by increasing perspiration. It is widely used for blood pressure disorders, diabetes, anemia, tumours and other poor blood circulation. It can also help prevent the body from getting affected by external harm due to air pollution.

Cardiovascular health 

Japan Reishi Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom is a variety of reishi mushrooms with a red underside that distinguishes them from their green counterparts. Japan Reishi mushrooms are artificially grown in Japan.

Hesperidin is the main active ingredient in reishi that improves cardiovascular function, according to a research report published in the September 2012 edition of Phytotherapy Research. The main active ingredient in this mushroom is a compound called hesperidin dehydrogenase. Hesperidin is a natural anti-inflammatory and also helps to prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.


(per capsule)

Organic red reishi mushroom extracts 200 mg (Ganoderma lucidum), fruiting body, 17:1 extract; the dry equivalent of 3.4 g per capsule.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: dextrin, NPcaps* (capsule)

*NPcaps are an all-natural, two-piece non-animal capsule suitable for addressing various cultural and dietary requirements, including those of vegetarians, diabetics and patients with restricted diets.

Suggested use:

6 g (60 capsules). For preventive purposes, please take 1 - 2 capsules once daily. For individuals with health problems, please take 2-4 capsules twice daily. It is recommended to take your daily dosage with Vitamin C for better absorption. 


To avoid gastric discomfort: drink plenty of water when taking this product—sealed for your protection. Do not use if the seal is broken—store at room temperature (15-30ºC). Keep out of the reach of children.

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