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This article is about the liquid ionic magnesium raspberry flavoured supplement, Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium Raspberry Flavour.

The product is an all-natural liquid magnesium supplement that can replace tablets and capsules by taking just one tablespoon daily. It's also free of trans fats, gluten, GMO, soy proteins or corn proteins. This is a healthy drink. Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium Raspberry Flavour does not contain sucralose, stimulants, fillers, sugar, fructose, or aspartame, nor will it be added to other products in the future.

About Innotech company:

InnoTech Nutrition Solutions is a proudly Canadian natural health product manufacturing and distribution company. They are offering you healthy products as naturally as are possible. Innotech is a leading manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements. Their bodybuilding and fitness supplements are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques in a clean and safe facility in the heart of North Texas.

Innotech's founder, Mark Baysinger, worked for seven years in the nutritional supplement industry before starting Innotech Products in 1996. Using his previous experience, he has developed a reliable company that can supply quality products at affordable prices. For example, Innotech has developed a product called Super Methyl Genesis. This supplement can naturally increase the body's production of creatine. Another popular supplement is Innotech Amino Acid Therapy, otherwise known as IAT. IAT is able to give the muscle tissue more energy by increasing the production of ATP.

Innotech also makes other products ideal for adding lean muscle mass, increasing strength and improving overall performance.

Innotech produces a range of high-quality nutritional supplements for athletes, bodybuilders and people with weight loss goals. In addition, Innotech also has specialty products such as pre-workout supplements, performance supplements and meal replacement shakes.

Benefits of Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium Raspberry Flavour:

  • Boost Energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Reduce Cramps
  • Improve Mood
  • Raspberry Flavour

Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium is a liquid magnesium supplement designed for people trying to increase the amount of energy they have. It comes in a sleek, silver bottle with an easy-open lid. This product doesn't have any hidden catches or costs, so it's perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend a big amount of money but still wants to improve their health and well-being. The product is ideal for both men and women and can help to improve overall health and well-being. Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium is made from magnesium chloride, which means it's better for you than other magnesium products. 

How the magnesium works and the benefits it can provide if taken regularly?

Magnesium is the third most abundant mineral found in the body, yet it is one of the most deficient. It's used for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including bone formation and muscle contraction. It helps control blood pressure, improves nerve function in people with heart disease, and even helps break down drugs in our digestive tract. 

Magnesium is absorbed more quickly in the intestines than calcium. While calcium is hard to absorb because of its molecular size, magnesium is small enough to be absorbed by the body, at a rate of about 14-25% per day, depending on body weight. The human body eliminates 20 grams of magnesium per day, which means that 60% of our daily needs can get absorbed through normal processes. Magnesium deficiency is estimated to cause approximately three million deaths annually, and one billion people suffer from deficiencies in the world today.

Magnesium is absorbed mainly in the acid environment of the stomach. When food enters your stomach, hydrochloric acid breaks it down, creating an environment for absorption. When you take magnesium supplements or eat magnesium-rich foods, they are also broken down into their ionized form to increase absorption in the small intestine. If you take calcium, calcium will displace magnesium from its storage sites resulting in low magnesium levels.

What are the best forms, and why?

The liquid form is the best tasting product because it contains no additives, which sometimes cause taste fatigue. Also, it is the most bioavailable form because it is absorbed quickly.

What's your formula's main ingredient? 

Magnesium is the most important mineral required for humans for its support of muscle and nerve function. The molecule of magnesium has a unique structure. Thus it cannot be absorbed by the body as calcium and phosphorus, so magnesium supplements should be taken with vitamin C. 

Ionic means the supplement uses an electrical charge to help separate ions, which include magnesium ions, from those in foods they may be familiar with, such as milk or orange juice. The ionic form of magnesium is also more easily absorbed than other types.

What makes Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium special?

Raspberry flavour- everyone loves the wonderful smell and taste of raspberry. It is a room freshener, has the scent of perfume, and it's used as an additive in foodstuff. Raspberry flavoured liquid magnesium supplement will help bring natural energy to you every day. Innotech Liquid Ionic Magnesium Raspberry Flavours are not only made with high-quality ingredients but have any artificial colourings or dyes. Being naturally sweetened with stevia, this drink is low in calories, with only 20 calories per serving compared to its competitors, which can be more than 360 calories per serving.


Medicinal Ingredients (per 30 ml):

Elemental Magnesium (as Magnesium Ascorbate/gluconate) 25 mg, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 228 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients (per 30 ml):

Distilled water, acetic acid, stevia, raspberry flavouring, potassium sorbate

Suggested use:

Take 1 oz. (30 ml) per day. You can take it in the morning with breakfast, or after lunch with a meal or in the evening before bedtime. Be sure to consume water or any other liquid along with your supplements so the product can be fully absorbed in your body. Magnesium also helps to break down alcohol. It is also absorbed more rapidly than other forms, so the effects are felt more quickly.


Not for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing. Taking extra magnesium may result in loose stools, which isn't bad, but these symptoms usually subside after continued ingestion of higher doses of magnesium. 

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