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Host Defense Lion's Mane Capsules

 The best way to prevent the onset of a cold or flu is by strengthening your immune system. And there's no easier way to do that than through natural supplements, which is what Host Defense has to offer in the form of Lion's Mane – Memory and Nerve Support. The lion's mane mushroom is one of the most nutritious mushrooms globally, with a high amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and other essential amino acids. It can act as a neuroprotectant that could help prevent brain disorders, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Host Defense Lion's Mane Capsules use activated, freeze-dried, Certified Organic mycelium, with a full spectrum of constituents: polysaccharides (beta-glucans, arabinoxylane, glucose, xylose, galactose and mannose), glycoproteins, ergosterols, triterpenoids and other myco-nutrients, which are essential for Supporting Natural Immunity.

About Host Defence company:

Host Defense is an award-winning brand based on the use of all-natural ingredients and botanicals that help support the immune system, improve mood, memory, focus and energy levels. The company was founded in 2008 by three top-ranking doctors from Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, MD. Through their work in extracting and developing compounds found in nature, they have seen success in the creation of one of the most comprehensive immune support lines available.

The first product released by this company is Host Defense throat and nasal rinse – a revolutionary cooling formula that relieves sore throats instantly due to its remarkable minty taste. It was created to complement the best conventional gels and tablets.


  • Promotes mental clarity, focus, and memory
  • Provides cerebral and nervous system support
  • Many studies have identified an NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) in Lion's Mane
  • Optimizes nervous and immune system health
  • Supports cognitive function

Lion's Mane 

It is a mushroom that can be found in groups near conifer trees. The mushrooms themselves have a light to dark brown colour, with white, tan, or pink gill formations that create droplets on the underside of the cap. These droplets may also appear as dots on the upper side of the caps. The stalk is usually thick and sturdy but may occasionally be thinner and off-center.

The spore print is white in colour, and the spores are roughly elliptical. The mushroom also has a slight, pleasant odour that is not very noticeable. One exciting thing about Lion's Mane is that, as it grows and expands, the mushroom will develop root-like appendages that grow out of the cap. These 'roots' can sometimes be seen on mature specimens of Lion's Mane, even though it has no natural root system.

This can be due to the parasitic nature of the mushroom producing a toxin in response to the skin's presence. In addition, Lion's Mane tends to grow inside of other mushrooms – it rarely grows alone and will often attach itself to more established mushrooms. Because it is parasitic, Lion's Mane will inhibit the growth of other mushrooms nearby.

Lion's Mane has a rich history of use in Chinese medicine. It is used for many purposes, including the treatment of brain disorders and as an anti-viral. The fungus is also used medicinally to treat inflammation and effectively battling infections caused by certain bacteria and fungi. The medicinal properties of Lion's Mane are attributed to the polysaccharide-K found in the mushroom. The mushroom is effective in inducing apoptosis or programmed cell death.

Additionally, the mushroom has been shown to have antibiotic properties against certain strains of bacteria and fungi.

Freeze-dried myceliated brown rice 

It is a type of food that is essentially pre-cooked to preserve the final result. In this particular case, the freeze-drying process occurs at high temperatures with small amounts of water and a vacuum in its container. This process kills the bacteria, and a solid mass of food can be stored without refrigeration or packaging.

Freeze-dried myceliated brown rice is an efficient and convenient food item that is in many ways similar to the more typical freeze-dried food products on the market today. It is a favourite among survivalists, campers, and hikers because of its lightweight packaging, ease of preparation, and relatively large nutritional value. When packaged into some sort of protective container, freeze-dried myceliated brown rice can be expected to last for years or even decades if stored properly.

In the modern world, freeze-dried myceliated brown rice is most popular in North America, although its availability extends to Europe and Australia. It has more of an appeal to people in athletic careers because it's such an efficient source of carbohydrates. The carbohydrate content in freeze-dried myceliated brown rice is so plentiful that people within the athletic field buy and use it to help them become more robust and faster.


Often called "chicken skin," a protein-rich substance derived from yeast that can be produced as a white, powdery substance. Pullulan is used mainly in sweets (such as candy) and pudding and in other food items and cosmetics (such as toothpaste).

Yeast, also called saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a type of fungus. It is composed of a thread-like mass of short chains of proteins along with other organic compounds. When the yeast is fermented, it becomes pullulan. The process by which this happens can be seen through electron microscope imaging.

The protein content in pullulan varies depending on the kind of yeast used to produce it. For example, 612S has a protein content of approximately 80%, where 518S has a slightly lower protein content at 75%. Pullulan is made from the yeast's cell wall, which is composed of glycoproteins. These are long chains of cyclic polymers made up of sugar molecules, and short peptide chains called peptide linkages. Together, they form the sugar-peptide-sugar chains that make up the cell wall in yeast cells.


Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) mycelium, freeze-dried myceliated brown rice, pullulan (an extra-cellular polysaccharide).

Suggested use:

Take this dietary supplement is two capsules once per day. It can be taken with food, on an empty stomach, or as recommended by your healthcare advisor. Keep out of reach of children.


Do not use this product if you are allergic to shellfish. This product is ideal for those 18 years and above. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 2

Amount Per Serving: Lion's Mane (hericium erinaceus) 1g

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