Heartfelt Living Himalayan Crystal Salt - Bath Salt with Eucalyptus Oil (1 kg)

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Heartfelt Living Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt - Eucalyptus

Himalayan Crystal Salt is a superior form of salt containing the most easily assimilated forms of minerals and trace elements required by the body. It is created when the sun dries sea water and the earth 's pressure over the millenia turns it into large crystals. The higher the pressure, the more perfect the crystalline structure. Mined from deep within the earth, it has never been exposed to pollution.

Himalayan Crystal Salt, with its wealth of minerals and trace elements, has been valued through the ages for its health benefits. Our common cooking salt does not contain the vital elements that make crystal salt from the huge Salt Range about 200 km from the foot of the Himalayas so precious.Common cooking salt lacks most of the minerals and trace elements needed for optimal body function. Now it 's easy to use the real thing!


  • skin irritations
  • joint problems
  • rheumatism
  • female problems
  • children 's infections
  • immune system
  • body 's purification
  • soothes and softens skin


Due to a high bio energetic field, the ‚Äúsole‚ bath is demanding on the circulatory system. Those who have heart trouble or any health problem, should consult a physician before having a ‚Äúsole‚ bath.

Take a handful of the Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt to start and increase over time. Take a bath for about 15 to 20 minutes, not more than once or twice per week. Do not use any chemical substances. After the bath, allow your skin to air dry. It is also recommended that you lie down for half an hour. For those who find the bath strong, use a lower salt amount in a foot bath for 15 to 20 minutes.

As the body 's own energy is more activated by a full moon, the body absorbs more minerals when taking a sole bath during this time. The bio energetic weak points are also harmonized in this period of time.

On the other hand, a new moon is the best time for cleansing the body as its capacity for detoxification is at its highest level.

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