Canadian Pine Pollen Co. Lodgepole Pine Pollen (Powder)

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Canadian Pine Pollen Co. Lodgepole Pine Pollen

The Canadian Pine Pollen Company (CPP) sustainably wild harvests, naturally processes and serves pine pollen from the forests of Western Canada. Hand harvested for thousands of years, pine pollen has a long history of being used for its numerous health benefits. Canadian Pine Pollen Co. has developed processes to ensure that the pine pollen you buy from us, is the exact same as the pollen we collect from the pine trees. When you purchase Canadian Pine Pollen, your buying the the highest quality pollen available:


  • Single Source - Canadian Pine Pollen comes from one of two types of pine tree (Lodgepole or Ponderosa)
  • Naturally Processed - we use Nature and simple mechanics to extract the pollen from the male cones of pine trees
  • Raw - under 40 degrees Celcius - unlike everyone else, we don't cook, steam or alter our Canadian Pine Pollen in any way
  • Safe Quality Food Institute Certified - our pollen is extracted and bottled in a facility with the highest possible level of Food Safe certification
  • Certificate of Analysis - our pollen is batch tested to ensure quality and safety
  • Researched - CPP is constantly evolving the research around pine pollen through partnerships with universities, private labs and government institutions

Ingredients: Canadian Lodgepole (Pinus Contorta) Pine Pollen

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