Botanica Olive Leaf Complex - Peppermint

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Sourced from a family-owned farm in Australia, our olive leaves are harvested from a variety of species of olive trees for a full complement of medicinal actives. When taken daily, Botanica Olive Leaf Complex offers a powerful antioxidant, oleuropein with 400X the ORAC of vitamin C to provide immune system support keeping you feeling healthy whatever your schedule throws at you.


  • A daily dose of natural immune system support


One tablespoon (15 mL) daily. Best taken with five deep, slow breaths.

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Fine product, poor supplying

The product is fine, my 1 star rating reflects what I see sometimes happens from online distributors, a bit of an underhanded tactic to get rid of old stock. Vitasave sent me a product expiring in 4 months. My intended use for this product would have it last me about one year, rendering the efficacy of this product null in a short while. A normal expiry date for this product would be over one year, when I pick one up from the store shelf. If a product is expiring soon it should be listed as a clearance item or something like that, and I shouldn't be charged full price. I'm quite disappointed in Vitasave just because this product was the main reason for the totality of my order. I doubt I'll order from here again unless it's a last resort for something I can't find locally.