BioSteel Preworkout Berry Fusion (195 g)

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BioSteel Preworkout Berry Fusion 195 g

This is a product that has been developed to help you reach your fitness goals. BioSteel Pre Workout Berry Fusion is specially designed for those who are trying to get their fitness goals and improve their workouts. 

One of the reasons to use this product is that it contains all-natural ingredients and berry extracts that support your energy level and reduce fatigue. 

About Bio Steel supplement company:

The company is based in Toronto, Ontario and was founded by former professional athlete Kyle Jarvis. The company was founded in 2017, and its mission is to help athletes achieve their highest athletic performance. The company is completely transparent and provides reports of all its sales and the usage of its performance-enhancing products. Bio Steel company has a blog that regularly posts articles about nutrition and supplements to learn from both sides of the industry.

Benefits of BioSteel Preworkout Berry Fusion 

  • Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • Workout supplement for athletic support
  • Source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis
  • Berry Fusion Flavour
  • 30 Servings
  • 0 Sugar
  • 5 Calories
  • Naturally sourced ingredients
  • No Artficial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours

How does BioSteel Pre-workout Berry Fusion work?

The supplement contains a powerful combination of ingredients that pump you full of energy for a better workout session. Each serving of the product includes a number of active ingredients such as berry extracts, cricket flour, caffeine, and natural flavours.

Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

BioSteel Pre Workout Berry Fusion contains many active ingredients that help the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This makes it easier for the body to burn fat for energy during workouts.

Source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis

The product also helps supply amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis and keeps your muscles working optimally. The company can also help you gain lean muscle mass and reduce fatigue during exercise. 

BioSteel Pre Work out Berry Fusion contains many active ingredients that help the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and protein. This makes it easier for the body to burn fat for energy during workouts.

Berry Fusion Flavour

The product is flavoured with real raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and other natural flavours.

30 Servings

BioSteel Pre Workout Berry Fusion has 30 servings.

0 Sugar

The product is sugar-free. However, it does contain natural sweeteners such as stevia and dextrose.

5 Calories

The product contains five calories per serving. It is also dairy and gluten-free. The natural ingredients used in the product boost the body's energy levels without any artificial additives or stimulants that can cause side effects. It also helps improve your stamina and improves your mental focus and concentration during workouts and late-night workouts.

Active ingredients

The product contains several active ingredients, such as berry fusion extract, that help modify the body's nutrients. The product also contains caffeine and natural flavours. All these ingredients work together to help you stay energized during workouts. The fruit extract present in the supplement is a source of active ingredients that help metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The product also helps in preventing fatigue during workouts by improving the efficiency of muscles.


Medicinal ingredients

Betaine (Beta Vulgaris) (root) 2000 mg

CaHMB (Calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) 1000 mg

L-Tyrosine 500 mg

Caffeine (Coffea Canephora) (seed) 200 mg

L-Theanine 200 mg

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 220 mcg

Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) 50:1 Extract (fruit) 5 mg (95% Piperine)

Non-medicinal ingredients

Berry Fusion: TeaCrine (Camellia Sinensis leaf, Theobroma Grandiflorum fruit extract), ElevATP (Peat extract, Apple juice), Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) fruit juice, Concentrated pomegranate juice, Beetroot powder, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Silicon dioxide, Natural flavour, Stevia, Spirulina.

Nutrition Facts:



Calories 5

Total Fat 0g 0%

Saturated 0g 0%

(+)Trans 0g

Cholesterol 0 mg


Protein 0 g 0%

Carbohydrates 1 g 1%

Sugars 0 g

Fibre 0 g 1%

Sodium 15 mg 1%

Potassium 5 mg 1%

Suggested use:

Mix 15g (1 scoop) of the product with 250 ml of water. Shake well before use. Drink 20-30 minutes before your workout. For maximum performance, it is recommended to take with food.


Contains berry and green tea extracts and caffeine. Consult a health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Don't consume if you experience nausea, dizziness, gastrointestinal discomfort. Use only as directed by the manufacturer. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used to substitute for a healthy and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children and do not exceed the stated dose.

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