NutraSea Omega3 - Lemon (240 Softgels)

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NutraSea Omega-3 Value Pack - Lemon Softgels

For a limited time, get our top-selling Omega-3 Value Pack at an amazing price. After shopping around and trying out all sorts of Omega supplements, we found this to be the best combination containing the purest ingredients available in their most bioavailable form, without using unsafe and questionable artificial chemical enhancers or harmful lipids (fats) from nasty sources. With a synergistic blend of EPA/DHA and cleansing and detoxifying ingredients, Omega-3s are more powerful than ever before.

About NutraSea company

NutraSea supplements are uniquely formulated with the highest quality ingredients for optimal results. The products do not contain any harmful chemical enhancers and rely on natural and organic elements to produce their results. Their unique formulas provide you with ultimate absorption and health benefits, so you get fast and effective results without the harshness of other leading brands.

Benefits of NutraSea Omega-3 Value Pack - Lemon (240 Softgels)

  • Omega 3 Supplement

  • Supports a Healthy Heart and Cardiovascular System

  • Supports the Brain, Eyes and Nerves Development

  • Helps to Maintain Cholesterol Levels 

  • Supports Healthy Brain Function 

  • Promotes Healthy Joints

  • Helps Lower Triglycerides

  • 240 Softgels 

  • 4.69 G Fish Oil

  • 750 MG EPA

  • 500 MG DHA

  • Friend of the Sea and PureCheck

  • Lemon Flavour

Why Do You Need NutraSea Omega-3 Lemon?

Omega 3 fatty acids are ones that many people don't get enough of. Although they can be found in some foods like tuna, salmon and avocados, the truth is that most people just aren't eating enough of these types of food to derive all the benefits that omega 3 has to offer. 

The unique advantage of using NutraSea Omega-3 is that it provides you with all omega 3s in the form most easily absorbed by your body, without any toxins or other unhealthy additives. 

This ensures you get optimal absorption and results for maximum effectiveness.

Omega 3 Supplement

EPA and DHA are the most important fatty acids for your body, but your body cannot produce them. Not only are they good for maintaining overall wellness, but they are especially helpful when it comes to promoting healthy skin, nails and hair. Supplementing with an Omega 3 supplement ensures that you receive a daily dose of these essential substances in their purest form.

Supports a Healthy Heart and Cardiovascular System

The Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA have provided cardiovascular support for people of all ages. They help maintain healthy cholesterol levels while also promoting good circulation throughout the body.

Supports the Brain, Eyes and Nerves Development

A healthy brain requires a good supply of fatty acids to function properly. Omega-3s are integral for developing brains as they help develop strong memory skills, promote creativity and problem-solving abilities, and improve overall cognition. They also play an important role in helping people with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Supports Healthy Brain Function

EPA, DHA and other fatty acids can help to relieve stress and improve memory function by increasing the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. They also help with cognitive development, so they are so important for pregnant women and infants.

Promotes Healthy Joints

Omega 3 fatty acids help to alleviate mild forms of arthritis and inflammation. They can also improve your body's ability to absorb calcium, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis and other bone conditions.

Helps Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides form when we consume too many carbohydrates and sugars. Omega-3 fatty acids help stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the likelihood of clogged arteries.

240 Softgels 

Each serving (2 soft gels) contains 750mg EPA / 500mg DHA for a total Omega 3 fatty acid content of 1000mg, with 4.69 grams of fish oil.

4.69 G Fish Oil 

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish, algae and other sources of good fats. They are essential for your body but need to be obtained through supplementation or food consumption because the body cannot produce them on its own.


NutraSea supplements are screened with PureCheck, which means they contain pure ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, yeast/mould/fungus or any other harmful additives that can be found in less reputable brands.

Friend of the Sea

NutraSea products are Friend of the Sea certified to ensure sustainability. Friend of the Sea is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable fishing practices and protecting marine ecosystems worldwide.

Lemon Flavour

NutraSea Omega-3 soft gels come in a natural lemon oil flavour without the fishy aftertaste.


Fish oil (anchovies, sardines, mackerel), flavouring, tocopherols (derived from non-GMO soy), green tea extract. 

Suggested use

Adolescents and adults 14 years old or older should take four NutraSea Omega 3 soft gels every day.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, people with known medical conditions and those taking any form of medication unless under the recommendation and guidance.

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