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Inflammation Relief is a multiple ingredient formula for pain and inflammation that features three of Ayurveda 's most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs: curcuma, boswellia, and ashwagandha.

Curcuma, a plant compound found in turmeric root, is one of the most studied natural anti- inflammatories. Unfortunately, it is not well absorbed by the body. This problem is addressed with Longvida , an enhanced form of curcumin for greater absorption. Inflammation Relief combines Longvida curcumin with boswellia and ashwagandha, two additional anti-inflammatory herbs from Ayurveda, a traditional system of Indian medicine. The effectiveness of boswellia on osteoarthritic joint pain and inflammation has been compared to that of some over-the-counter pain medications. Ashwagandha, the king of adaptogens, helps control the stress response which involves oxidative stress and inflammatory processes.

These herbs are subjected to a unique and safe ‚Äúindustry-first‚ process that forms nano-miscelle-particles that are small enough to easily penetrate the intestinal lining and enter the blood, thereby considerably enhancing their absorption and bioavailability. Joint pain, muscle aches, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions don 't stand a chance against AOR 's Inflammation Relief. Those with painful and degenerative joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, or other chronic pain or inflammation can benefit from Inflammation Relief.

AOR Advantage

Although the anti-inflammatory properties of curcuma, boswellia and ashwagandha have been well-studied, none of them are easily absorbed by the body. In AOR 's Inflammation Relief, they have been enhanced through an industry-leading process that forms tiny micelle-particles, small enough to easily penetrate the intestinal lining and enter the blood, thereby considerably enhancing their absorption and bioavailability.


  • The most effective herbal anti-inflammatory formula available
  • Reduces pain in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • Includes three powerful anti-inflammatory herbs enhanced for better absorption, bioavailability and effectiveness
Medicinal Ingredients:
Serving Size: One Liquid Capsule
Ashwagandha extract 33.3 mg
Boswellia serrata ( > 40% boswelic acids) 166.5 mg
Optimized Curcumin* (from curcuma longa root) 80 mg
Non-medicinal Ingredients: oleanolic acid, potato starch, medium chain triglycerides, ascorbyl palmitate, lecithin (soy, sunflower), stearic acid, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, polysorbate 20, sodium benzoate. Capsule: hypromellose, sodium copper chlorophyllin

Take one capsule one to three times daily with food, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

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Evan Slater
Improvement noted

So far, so good. Have noticed a difference.