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Elete Electrolyte Add-In™ is the pure, original electrolyte concentrate without calories, sugars, or artificial ingredients. It provides the electrolytes your body needs to perform optimally, without the extra calories and sugars found in many sports drinks.

Elete's formulation is a precise blend of natural electrolytes derived from a unique combination of ingredients that support optimal hydration and health. It has been carefully blended to provide just the right balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride – "simple" salts that are found naturally in our bodies.

About Anderson's company:

In 1982, entrepreneur John L. Anderson and his wife, Patricia, co-founded Performance Products, Inc (PPI). PPI is a privately held company with headquarters in Orlando, Florida and production facilities in Jacksonville, Florida. The Andersons were inspired by their son, David, who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5. Seeking an alternative to the commercially available sweetened sports drinks, they developed Elete Electrolyte Add-In ™ as a nutritional enhancer for children and adults. Athletes throughout the world are now using Elete and enjoying their results. 


  • Aides in the prevention of cramps and spasms when used as directed
  • Helps maintain proper balance when exercise lasts over an hour and in warmer climates when intake of plain water alone is inadequate
  • Improves mental and physical performance in hot weather and at altitude 
  • Aids in rapid recovery by reducing post exercise fatigue and soreness
  • Provides the ingredients athletes need to replenish themselves after physical exertion

Anderson's Elete Electrolyte Add-In Facts:

  • All-Natural
  • Vegan, vegetarian, Gluten-Free
  • NO sugars, calories, or artificial ingredients
  • Transforms water into a sports drink
  • WADA Certified (World Anti-Doping Agency) substances by Informed Choice
  • Kosher

Electrolyte FAQs:

What Is Elete Adds-In?

Electrolytes help regulate the levels of minerals and hydrogen in your body. Minerals and hydrogen are essential for many bodily processes, including muscle function and nerve transmission.

Elete adds-in is a mineral supplement that contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, fluoride.

Electrolytes are necessary to maintain health because they serve as buffers for changes in environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature or water content within the body. They also act as nutrients for many body processes, especially for muscle function.

Electrolytes are lost when the body undergoes activity accompanied by large amounts of heat or water, like during exercise. Gym activities may cause a lack of electrolytes. People who suffer from diarrhea should replace electrolytes to avoid complications from low levels of electrolytes in the blood. The minerals and electrolytes in Elete help provide the energy and oxygen for optimal functioning of the nerves and muscles. Due to their abundant mineral composition, electrolytes function as a nutrient that maintains proper hydration and normal body processes at optimum levels. Electrolytes also help the body regulate its pH balance, vital for immune health and preventing many diseases.

What Does Elete Tastes Like? 

It has a light and refreshing taste, and it’s not too salty. Elete Electrolyte Add-In's original flavour is a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness that most people find delicious or refreshing. However, adding any flavour or adding extra salt can change the taste of this drink.

Electrolyte drinks are so versatile that they can be used in various applications, including dairy-free milkshakes, smoothies, and desserts. It’s for this reason that electrolyte water will undoubtedly become more popular in the future.

How Much Elete Electrolyte Should I Drink?

2.5ml of elete™ is added to each litre of water or drink consumed (one capful from the 25ml pocket bottle – or 1/2 a teaspoon). Some people like to mix the Elete with fruit juice and water. Mixing with water is recommended as it’s easier on your stomach and will prevent any intestinal distress that could be caused by drinking only fruit juice. Most runners will need to consume approximately 1-2 litres per hour or more depending on environmental conditions, so mix accordingly.

Why Do We Need Electrolyte?

Electrolytes are salts in your blood and other fluids that help regulate your body's water, minerals, and acid balance. You lose electrolytes when you sweat or get dehydrated. If you do not replace them, you may become sick with things like heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

There are four types of electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These electrolytes work together to regulate blood pressure and prevent you from going into a coma during a heat stroke. They also help your muscles work correctly, nerve impulses from your brain to your muscles and help fuel your body's cells. These electrolytes are vital to your body! Without them, you would not perform routine daily tasks or exercise at a safe level. As the body's ability to function accurately depends on electrolytes, our goal is to keep them in balance. However, when they are out of balance, you may experience symptoms that include nausea, muscle cramps and fatigue.


Serving size 3ml (Makes 1 litre).

20 Servings per 60ml container, 80 servings per 240ml container

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 3ml (Makes 1 litre).

20 Servings per 60ml container, 80 servings per 240ml container

Amount Per Serving %RDA

Magnesium 45mg 15%

Chloride 390mg *

Potassium 130mg *

Zinc 2mg 20%

Sodium 125mg *

Sulphate 20mg *

 *European Union Recommended Daily allowance not established


Concentrated Inland Sea Water, Purified Water, Citric Acid (plant sources), Potassium Chloride, Zinc Sulphate. Sourced from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA.

Suggested use:

Add Elete Electrolyte Add-In to water, juice or any other beverage, mix and shake well. Please refer to the mixing chart for precise dosing and instructions.


Do not take any other mineral or electrolyte supplements - Elete is designed to be the only electrolyte product you need and works best when taken alone. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as an alternative to a balanced diet. Store out of reach of children. 

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