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Aku products are built with high-grade metals that are naturally occurring in the human body. When conductive metals, such as silver and copper, come in contact with the skin you'll experience a natural warming effect that is both healing and therapeutic.

It is commonly known in acupuncture to use two or more differently charged metals (for example, sp.cooper zinc) for more effective healing infuence on the biologically active points and areas of the body. Aku products do not actually puncture the skin, but when the differently charged metal spikes are pressed against the body, an ionic reaction occurs which enhances the bodily functions and produces a similar type of healing effect as acupuncture.

The metal spikes create natural galvanic-electric reactions with the body when pressed against the skin 's surface. These reactions stimulate blood fow, circulation and activate mechanisms of metabolism. Think of it as energy entering your body in the form of ions

Located on the skin 's surface lie thousands of acupressure points. At these points, it 's natural for blockages to occur, which can slow down our performance. A few minutes of acupressure therapy stimulates these points, instantly increasing blood circulation, which then causes your body to release endorphins and oxytocin in response. At first, you will feel a rush of warmth to the targeted area, followed by a significant release of muscle tension as aches and pain start to melt away. Acupressure is commonly known to increase the blood 's ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen, which facilitates the removal of harmful metabolic by-products that build up in the circulatory system. When this happens, additional neuropeptides flow through the nervous system, creating a sense of relaxation that supports healing.


  • Increase Blood Flow to Hands and Feet
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Lessen Stress and Anxiety
  • Treat Carpal Tunnel
  • Relax Tight Muscles

Slowly lie, step or press onto the AKU Mat.

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lisa haldeman

Love, Love, Love I fall asleep on it, wonderful!

Nina Miller
Great Mat

Love the product