A.Vogel Absolut Arnica (50 mL Gel)

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A.Vogel Absolut Arnica Gel

Proven remedy for osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis symptoms

A.Vogel Arnica gel relieves osteoarthritis pain in the knee and hand. Efficacy without the side effects of synthetic painkillers.

Provides a high concentration of Arnica.

Organic cultivation certified by Bio Suisse Traditionally used to soothe muscle and joint inflammation with the associated pain due to sprains and bruises. Provides symptomatic relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis in the knee and hand. Fast acting.

Fresh Scent Non-Greasy Arnica isn't just for bruising anymore!

Sure, arnica is good for bruises, but did you know that it also relieves pain?

Make Arnica a part of your first aid kit! This summer, play it safe! When cycling, inline skating or enjoying other sports on wheels, make sure the whole family wears a helmet and protective gear. Always follow the rules of the road, make sure to wear bright and reflective clothing, and assume motorists don?t see you.

And before doing any kind of exercise, to avoid damaging your muscles, always make sure to warm up and stretch: the next day, you'll be glad you did! We all know that self-propelled sports carry their own share of risk and injuries. Kids get bumps and bruises, and older people who are still kids at heart can trip and get hurt too.

Medicinal ingredient:
50% fresh Arnica tincture: 5 g gel contains tincture of:
Fresh Arnica (Arnica montana L.) flower* (1:20)...2.5 g, equivalent to 0.125 g dried flower.
Non-medicinal ingredients:
Ethanol 94%, purified water, glycerol 85%, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.
* Certified organically grown by Bio Suisse
Each g of gel contains: 500 mg of arnica flowers (arnica montana).

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