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Improve Gut Health With Renew Life Probiotic Products When most people think of bacteria, they immediately think of harmful bacteria, but some bacteria are more than just good for you—they’re essential. These bacteria help to create the microbiome inside your digestive system, and they are known as probiotics. Probiotics are...

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion BONUS SIZE (72 VCaps) Sold out
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Vitasave: $51.59 (Save 19%)

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion BONUS SIZE (72 VCaps)

Renew Life

Description Ingredients Suggested use Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion   Renew Life's Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Bill...

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Retail Price:
Vitasave: $51.59 (Save 19%)
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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Critical Care 50 Billion BONUS SIZE (36 VCaps) Sold out
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Vitasave: $30.34 (Save 18%)

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Critical Care 50 Billion BONUS SIZE (36 VCaps)

Renew Life

Description Ingredients Suggested Use Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion    When nothing else seems to work, Ultimate Flora Cri...

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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Plus Immune Support (30 VCaps)
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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Plus Immune Support (30 VCaps)

Renew Life

Description Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Plus Immune Support 30 Capsules Ultimate Flora Plus Immune Support is formulated with 5 unique p...

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The Renew Life brand has been around since 1997 when founder Brenda Watson set out to solve her gut health problems. She struggled to find products that would meet her exact needs, and she found it even harder to find any answers to the questions she had about her body.

She soon realized that the solution to many of her health problems stemmed from poor digestive function. Together with her husband, she worked to create a product that would help her gut find the balance it so desperately needed. In doing so, Renew Life was born.

For the last 25 years, the Watsons have worked hard to become a leader in natural digestive care. Their scientific formulas have not only earned awards but have also earned the trust of countless customers. This brand prioritizes transparency and clean products. You’ll never find artificial ingredients. Instead, they focus on creating formulas with only the highest quality ingredients derived from their natural sources. 

When you shop their products, you can rest assured that you are getting the best that they have to offer. The brand stands behind the purity, potency, and efficacy of all of its gut health supplements with a satisfaction guarantee. Not to mention, they follow up with some of the best customer services you might expect in the health industry. They even offer several educational programs to help you learn about your body and the benefits of probiotics.

When you start shopping for probiotics, you’re sure to find several brands claiming to be the best, but what does it take to be the best? And what does it mean to have good probiotics? We are firm believers that good probiotics should be made with safe, natural ingredients, but there’s more to it than that. 

Customers continue to choose them because their products have guaranteed potency until they reach the expiration date. While you might expect that to be the case with all probiotics, many other brands only guarantee the potency of the product at the time of manufacturing. That means there is a chance that other products might not even work the way they were intended to by the time you purchase them. With Renew Life, you can be positive that you are getting live cultures that work from the day they were bottled to the day they expire.

People also argue that they offer some of the best probiotic options. You can choose from several different strengths and strains to find the right balance of probiotics for your specific gut needs. When you shop with other brands of probiotics, you might find that they offer very limited options. Oftentimes, they lock you into taking either too much or too little. This, of course, isn’t beneficial to your gut, and it can even be harmful.

If you’re still questioning whether they are a good brand, you’ll be happy to know that they have made the #1 best-selling women’s probiotic. With more than 20 years of experience and several years of studies, they have unlocked the key to women’s gut health. They carefully formulate their supplements using only strains that have been clinically studied for women. Other manufacturers often stick with generic strains, so they don’t have the specific benefits to women that you will find with their products.

All products are made differently because different strains of probiotics achieve different goals. Regardless of which specific probiotics you consume, you can expect that they were all carefully selected to promote a certain health benefit. As we mentioned, they don’t rely on generic probiotics. Instead, they only use those that have been studied and proven to be effective.

Most importantly, they carefully test all probiotics to ensure they meet their high standards for purity and potency. You never have to worry about taking a supplement with questionable practices. You also don’t have to worry about added ingredients and fillers. Aside from the capsule itself, the components inside revolve around the different strains of probiotics. There is never any added dairy, gluten, or soy.

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Aside from their popular probiotics, they also offer a diverse line of products designed to help promote overall health and digestive support. Among them, you’ll find: 

  • Cleansing Programs:Before you start your probiotics, you may prefer to do a cleanse. These programs are designed to promote the balance of your intestinal microorganisms, and they can help you feel lighter and more energized.
  • Fiber Supplements:To get the most out of your probiotics, you may pair them with prebiotic fiber. When you do, you’ll enjoy feeling less hungry while also better managing your weight. Some even have powerful antioxidants for an immune system boost.
  • Fish Oil:While they focus more on your digestive system, they also make products for joint, brain, and heart health. Their fish oils are designed to give you a concentrated dose of Omega-3 for overall health and wellness improvements.
  • Enzymes:You can also support your gut health with these naturally-derived enzymes. These products are great for promoting the digestion of hard-to-break-down foods. They can also relieve indigestion, gas, and bloating.
  • Menstrual Health Support:The science-backed Period Partner supplements are great for supporting a healthy hormone balance, which can ease PMS symptoms. However, the product itself does not contain hormones. It’s a blend of herbs, magnesium, vitamin B, and L-theanine.
  • Women’s Wellness Supplements:Six different women’s wellness products are currently offered, including those for occasional constipation relief and urinary tract health.

If you haven’t taken probiotics before, you might not realize the variety of benefits they offer. We recommend them for many reasons, including but not limited to: 

  • Digestive Health Support
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Immune Support

Digestive Health Support

Your digestive tract relies on microorganisms to help break down the food you eat. You must have the right balance of the right bacteria to ensure optimal gut health. However, it doesn’t take much to throw everything off balance. Illness, antibiotics, and simply a poor diet can all cause your body to have more bad bacteria than good ones. Not only will this lead to illness, but it can also cause allergies, mental health problems, and obesity.

You can take probiotics as a preventative or as a response to a gut bacteria imbalance. Probiotics help restore your gut with live microorganisms that repopulate your gut. They also help fight off any bad bacteria that might remain in your digestive system.

Improved Nutrient Absorption

Did you know that good bacteria have their own digestive system? That’s right. It’s like the digestive system's inception inside your body. When food reaches the good bacteria in your gut, the bacteria begin to digest it using its own system, which is much different from ours. As a result, the probiotics can do things to your food that you won’t be able to do otherwise.

One of the most important things is helping to digest nutrients. Certain nutrients like B vitamins and folate must be digested by probiotics before your body can absorb them. If you lack enough good bacteria to absorb nutrients, you’ll start to deal with other health issues related to a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Immune System Support

If you struggle with allergies, you might have noticed that they also weaken your immune system. They aren’t the only culprits, though. Viruses and bacteria can wreak havoc on your body as well. As a result, you might find yourself getting sick more often, and if you have a weak immune system, you also may find that it takes longer to get over minor illnesses.

Fortunately, probiotics have been found to boost immunity, so you can stay healthy and recover from cold and flu illnesses faster. How? The majority of your body’s antibodies come from cells within your intestines and other digestive system organs. Therefore, an unhealthy balance of bacteria in your body can impact the health of those cells. If you have too many bad bacteria, those cells might struggle to create the antibodies you need to fight off infections. Probiotics ensure a healthy gut for a healthy immune system.

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As we mentioned, Renew Life is best known for its women’s probiotics. Their Women’s Care Probiotic capsules are the best-selling probiotic in the country. You may also know it by its former name, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic 25 Billion. No matter what you call it, you can expect the same exceptional product that so many other customers have grown to love.

What makes it the #1 women’s probiotic?

Unlike other probiotic supplements, this product is specially formulated to meet the unique needs of women’s bodies. While they are great for digestive and immune health, they go beyond what you would expect out of an ordinary probiotic. Not only do they help to balance sensitive vaginal pH levels, but they also work to make sure that your body’s natural yeast levels don’t rise to cause infection.

We know this all sounds too good to be true, but the specific strains of probiotics used in this formula make it possible. They use 12 diverse clinically tested strains of probiotics to create the perfect capsule. Each of these strains has been formulated by world-leading microbiologists and researchers. One of the included strains happens to be the #1 most-studied strain available.

With all of the research that has gone into formulating Women’s Care Probiotic, you can expect great quality. As with any of their other products, they guarantee potency, quality, and purity through the expiration date. They’ll even give you your money back if you don’t feel transformed in just 60 days.

You might be tempted to combine different probiotic products to get optimal results, but it isn’t necessary. While it isn’t dangerous, and you can’t overdose on probiotics, taking too many may cause discomfort. This happens when excessive bacteria get to the food in your gut first. The bacteria will then turn the food into gas which can lead to bloat, diarrhea, or general stomach pains. Gas, however, is the most reported symptom.

Instead of trying to take several different probiotic supplements to accomplish different goals, we suggest that you find one product that best fits most of your needs. Though their Women’s Care product is their most popular, several other great options might do your body better. We encourage you to keep reading to learn more about some of the other probiotic products that they make.

In addition to offering products categorized by age and gender, you will also find that they offer several products based on different health focuses. Whether you need immune care or period support, Renew Life has you covered. The following are just a few of our other favorite probiotic products. 

Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic

With more than 50 billion live cultures in a single vegetarian capsule, this Extra Care probiotic has everything you need to feel your best every day. Thanks to its unique and diverse formula, it is an excellent product for both men and women. The capsules contain 12 different highly studied probiotic strains. These particular strains are supported by more than 25 years of in-depth research and science. You’ll find each one listed on the package, so you can be confident in what you are putting in your body.

With the help of these specially formulated supplements, you can enjoy several health benefits. Not only do they provide your body with exceptional gut health support, but they can also boost your respiratory and immune health.

Consumers especially enjoy this probiotic supplement because they use delayed-release capsules. This ensures that all probiotics reach your gut alive for optimal results. Not to mention, these products come with a 60-day guarantee, so you can expect the same standards for potency, quality, and purity that you would expect from other products of this brand.

Everyday Immune Gummy

Probiotics aren’t just for maintaining a regular gut. They are also great for supporting your immune system. This product, in particular, is a fantastic supplement for everyday immune system support. That’s because about 70% of your body’s immune system lives in your gut.

However, this supplement is a 3-in-1 product that provides you with well-rounded immune system support in the form of critical vitamins and minerals. In addition to the two probiotic strains found in this formula, you’ll also find vitamin C and zinc. These gummies even contain prebiotics! Prebiotics play a critical role in feeding your body’s microbiome.

Customers prefer this immune system supplement to others because it comes in a tasty gummy form. The product is naturally-flavored with elderberry and orange to make them more enjoyable, and you only have to take two each day to reap the benefits.

Men’s Care Probiotic Capsules 90 Billion CFU

Renew Life doesn’t leave men out of the equation. They also offer a probiotic formulated to meet the unique needs of a man’s body. Similar to the Women’s Care Probiotic, this product also contains 12 different strains of probiotics. However, the strains were selected to support a man’s unique digestive system. It ensures that you have the perfect microbiome to digest food easily, and the probiotics help you to get the most out of your nutrients by improving absorption. In addition, the capsules help to relieve occasional constipation while also supporting colon health.

Many customers are also pleased to know that this product goes beyond digestive health. It can replace many of the other supplements you take because this Men’s Care product provides 4-in-1 support. That means you also get a boosted immune system and respiratory health improvements. This brand is so confident that you’ll love the benefits of this product, or they will give you your money back.

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From the kid's probiotics to the #1 best seller, Vitasave Canada is here to supply you with all of your Renew Life products. Our website makes it easy to shop for a variety of health and wellness items without ever leaving your house. With nationwide shipping available in Canada, you can have all of your supplements delivered straight to your door.

Want to know the best part about purchasing products from us?

Vitasave Canada strives to offer the lowest prices around! We currently offer prices nearly 20% lower than what you’ll find anywhere else, including their website. If you can find the same product for a lower price at another Canadian retailer, we will happily match the price to ensure you get the best deal.

You can save an additional 5% off all your orders when you sign up for our supplement subscription. This service saves you money and ensures you never run out of your favorite products. It’s entirely up to you to choose how frequently you would like your orders delivered.

Best of all, when you choose to do all of your vitamin and supplement shopping in one place, you will be able to collect reward points faster. Your points can be redeemed for additional savings, and they can even help you earn access to exclusive member-only sales.

With all those perks added to the benefits you can expect from their products, there’s no reason to look any further. Start shopping Renew Life probiotics with Vitasave Canada today!