Medi-C Plus Vitamin C & L-Lysine Formula with Magnesium Ascorbate - Citrus 300 g

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Humans do not make Vitamin C like animals do; we need to supplement this essential vitamin to meet our daily needs. Inadequate amounts of Vitamin C means poor collagen. Vitamin C and Lysine work together to build collagen, which strengthens and holds together the coronary cells. Coronary arteries, closest to the heart, receive the greatest pressure. Without enough Vitamin C the collagen weakens. This sets the stage for heart attack or stroke. Healthy collagen also supports healthy teeth, gums, cartilage, bones, connective tissue and wound healing. The antioxidants in Medi-C Plus also support and help maintain good health.

Why Remove Calcium and Add Magnesium?
The average North American consumes only 40 percent of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium.This can have serious consequences as magnesium is required for 300 metabolic reactions and activates 76 percent of the enzymes of the body. Today we have an aging population and as we age magnesium absorption decreases and kidney excretion increases a bad combination. Magnesium is also vital for the regulation of heart rate, as well as healthy immune and neurological systems. With this in mind we have replaced calcium with magnesium as the buffer in Medi-C Plus. Most adults have adequate calcium in their diet and too much can be a problem. Magnesium on the other hand is a vitally important element for good health and is often overlooked.


  • Helps support cardiovascular health
  • Helps collagen formation
  • Maintains healthy teeth and gums
  • Maintains healthy bones and cartilage
  • Helps connective tissue formation
  • Helps wound healing
  • Helps maintain good health


Dissolve one 6.5 cc scoop (5g) in 250mL of water or juice. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 6 months

Each 6.5 cc Scoop Contains (Medicinal Ingredients):

Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate, ascorbic acid) 2000mg

Magnesium (magnesium ascorbate) 210mg

L-Lysine (L-Lysine hydrochloride) 1300mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients

Original: Orange flavour, citric acid, lime flavour, Stevia rebaudiana leaf.
Unflavoured: Oryza sativa (rice) hull powder.
Berry: Strawberry flavour, citric acid, berry flavour, Stevia rebaudiana leaf.

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Pascoe
Don't not just for the prevention of scurvy

Vitamin C was discovered looking for the cause of scurvy and to this day the RDA is based on that. It dosen't take much. Trouble with that mindset is that there is an accumulating body of evidence which supports the idea that we need much, much more than that bare minimum to optimally thrive. All but a handful of mammals naturally manufacture their own C and they do so in surprisingly large quantities.They make even more when physiologically stressed. Medi-C is perfect for reproducing that vitamin C health optimized profile in in humans.

Fiona Hill
Excellent immune and cardio support

Medí-C is a staple of my nutrition routine. So easy to take a good dose of Vitamin C and lysine, which besides all its other benefits really reduced the number of cold sores that I get.

Barbara Bernard
Barbara B.

I’ve been a fan of vitamin C and it’s health benefits for decades. Medi C Plus is so superior to tablets. I’m able to tolerate larger dosages without consequences and it tastes good, too.

Dwight Sempert

thanks for A great product, I have not had a cold ,or flue, using this product. Thanks again YT Sempert

Lisa K.
Medi C Plus Original formula with CALCIUM!

To anyone who has experienced stomach issues when taking this product, try the original formula with CALCIUM instead. This will absolutely NOT cause cramps, nausea, or any upset stomach, or diarrhea. When the company changed the formula several years ago, to contain magnesium instead of calcium, people began to complain of ALL of these symptoms, which are / were caused by the magnesium (magnesium is still necessary for the body, just not in higher doses, taken at the same). After receiving so many complaints, the company changed the formula back to the original, to contain the calcium again... DON'T GIVE UP ON IT! This is a really great product! Just make sure that it has the calcium in it, instead of the magnesium (to avoid the cramping, etc.).